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Monday, September 27, 2010

Up And Over

 (Please click pictures for a larger view)
September 26-27, 2010 - Our bike ride from Deadwood to Mystic was a challenging one. We are not accustomed to this altitude nor to biking uphill almost two thousand feet for fifteen miles without an inch of downhill. Despite Janet's chain coming off the gears in a remote location above 6,000 feet, we managed to get to the summit, where we were thrilled to ride fifteen miles downhill. The George S. Mickelson bike trail, on the the former right-of-way of the Burlington North RR, is one stupendous experience, especially with blue skies, 80 degrees, low humidity weather. That was day one of the 109 mile journey.
Today, we used low gears again to climb another mountain, and then, it was: "bonzai" down to Hill City and Custer.

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Carol said...

You two are amazing! Sounds like you've just completed a great bike ride under ideal conditions.