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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Various places our Intercultural Dimensions program visited in Senegal

 APROFES Theater group in Kaolack
 Garden in Kolda assisted by a Peace Corps Volunteer (on left).
 Janet at the market in Kolda before visiting the village of Temento Samba
 Dancing at Temento Samba
 The Chief, Samba Mballo gave us his home during our visit.
 Solar power for this home in Temento

 pounding couscous at Temento
 preparing dinner at Temento Samba
 Fields adjoining the village
 Pape, who coached successful men's and women's soccor teams now turns to basketball.
Vocalist who sings with the balafonist at Sedhiou
 M. Mané, master balafonist at Sediou
 Fatou Diemé at Diedhioucounda
 El Hadji Abdoulaye Biaye giving us a lesson about the Region of Sedhiou
 Garden at Diedhioucounda
 We took a pirogue ride on the Casamance River to the Ile du Diable. (They say, it's best not to step onto the land).
 Computer room at the "Fort" in Sedhiou. (I hope it's being used by the people in Sedhiou.)
 Dinner at Diedhioucounda
 Cakes were baked for us in the solar oven at Diedhioucounda
 Tea in the afternoon at Diedhioucounda
 The Kankouran marches about in Sedhiou in front of our compound.
 Some of the women of Diedhioucounda
 On the road east of Kolda-maybe some work should be done here instead of building the new airport!
 We always enjoy visiting the artists' retreat, Sobo Badé at Toubab Dialaw.
 On the road outside Dakar
In the market at Kolda

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