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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Utah-Arizona - a few favorite shots

 (above) Cottonwood Canyon Road, east of Bryce Canyon, Utah
 The Betatakin Ruin, Navajo National Monument, Arizona
 A view of Keet Seel, Navajo National Monument, AZ, a spectacular, well preserved Anasazi ruin and an interesting hike.
 Grinding stones at Keet Seel
 Lower Calf Creek Falls, a nice place to cool off and have a picnic in Escalante country
 Hell's Backbone, an exciting scenic drive in the Escalante region
 Desert Storm in central Utah
The Grand Gallery, Horseshoe Unit, Canyonlands National Park-a fantastic panel of pictographs and petroglyphs said one of the finest examples of "Anasazi" art so far discovered. The hike to this fairly remote location is fun and interesting.

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