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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Elected Federal Officials Are Violating The Constitution

Our federal government officials are sworn to uphold the Constitution and to work to protect the people. But their current actions and inaction violate the Constitution. The failure of the Government to take the normal steps to pay the obligations of the United States, previously approved by legislation, puts the country and the people in immediate jeopardy of severe losses and injuries. Millions of innocent people may suffer as a result of our elected officials' collective violations of their sworn duty. Before the U.S. suffers a possibly disabling reduction in it's credit standing, the President should assure the public and the financial community that America's debts will continue to be paid in full and on time. While it is true that we owe too much money, the answer does not lie in refusing to pay our just debts and carrying out the legislation which is already on the books. If our expenses are to be reduced that should be done through future legislation -- not by refusing to pay what we owe.


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