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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our 2013 Road Trip, days 4 and 5

The Glacial Drumlin rail-to-trail is well maintained "toll" rail-to-trail pathway is described in the TrailLink website:

"It is common on a rail-trail to be reminded of railroading history; it is quite another experience to be taken back thousands of years and witness the effects of ancient ice flows on the landscape. This is the case with the 52-mile Glacial Drumlin State Trail, particularly at its western end. As gigantic sheets of ice bore down on this area, they created wetlands, ponds and rivers, as well as hundreds of low, cigar-shaped hills called drumlins." 

What a glorious day to ride on this peaceful, well maintained trail. We did less than half of the trail before turning back to the trailhead in Cottage Grove, just east of Madison, Wisconsin.

                                                 The Glacial Drumlin Trail, Wisconsin

Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studios at Spring Green, Wisconsin. Architecture critic Robert Campbell says that Taliesin is "the greatest single building in America."

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